Getting a traffic ticket can be extremely inconvenient and costly in the long run. Let us save you time and money by hiring us to handle your ticket. After handling many traffic cases, we are familiar with how Mecklenburg County court system operates. This will help us best represent your personal interests.

You may be tempted to handle this ticket yourself in effort to save money. If you go to court alone and plead guilty (or if you waive your appearance and plead guilty), you will likely be unhappy with the long term results. In most cases, your guilty plea will put points on your driver’s license and will cause your insurance premiums to increase 25% or more for the next three years. With our experienced traffic attorney, we can help save you money by keeping points off of your license and preventing an increase in  your insurance rates.

In most instances, we can take care of everything in single phone call. My fees begin at $85.00. Court costs are separate from attorney fees. Please call us so we can discuss your case. It will only take a few minutes for you to complete arrangements to hire us and to provide the information needed to get you the best outcome possible.